#GivingTuesdayCLT Healthy Snacks Raffle

Congratulations to our Winner Jillian Hishaw!!!






What do a Lamborghini, Christian Louboutin & Tiffany & Co have in common with fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meats & seafood? For too many, all of the aforementioned are out of reach.

Should the latter really be luxury items?

Roots In the Community Market Foundation is looking to find solutions to ensure that everyone has access to fresh healthy affordable food by funding food subsidies for healthy food, scholarships and community outreach such as afterschool cooking classes. Being healthy is more than just eating right; food alone is not enough to make a community healthy however it can bring a community together the way the market square did for centuries. R.I.C.’s seeks to be the community connector for low income areas to businesses, healthcare, higher education, government programs and other not-for profit organizations.


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